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Only AT&T iPhones can be unlocked. No phones made in 2013 can be unlocked. Our response to fraud or chargebacks is to lock the phones IMEI forever so it cannot be used. We cannot nor shall unlock any stolen phones. Phones need to be from the USA. We might be able to unlock phones from other countries, email us for info.


To have your iPhone unlocked submit the IMEI number which is found in SETTINGS, GENERAL then ABOUT. Click the PAY button to submit payment.


Unlocking is completed the next day. When the unlock is ready, we will contact you. You will be able to complete the unlocking process by connecting the iphone to iTunes, be connected to the internet, insert your sim card and go to SETTINGS then RESET and click ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS. Make sure you do a back up of the phone if you don't want to lose your information.


When the reset is finished, the phone will be unlocked.


Questions? Call or text 253-230-6428